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Step One Before applying it is advised you visit the FAQs to answer any of your questions and provide more information about the game. The TAKEN PAGE will show you a full list of characters so you don't apply for one already taken. It also has a list of available and wanted storylines that you could fill.

Step Two If you're still brave enough you can head on straight over to the RULES.

Step Three Then the APPLICATIONS.

Please make sure you have a journal and AIM sn for your character.

Step Four Once accepted you can FRIEND the members and communities, and then join whichever of the communities you would like to post in. Remember, you don't have to join anything if you don't want to, but you ARE required to friend the communities. Thankfully this is done automatically for you.

Step Five From there? Have fun! Introduce yourself in theoneooc, if you like. Comment on entries. Let your hair down. Add people to your buddy list using the TAKEN PAGE as reference for user names. Roleplay your little heart away!
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